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Welcome to the Internet home of all things me, Robert Westfall.
Below you will learn more about me, my skills, my experiences and most importantly, the beliefs and values that guide my life and work. Hopefully you’ll also get a feel for my personality…it’s a winning one.

If you are in a hurry or just want to put a voice to my picture, here’s A SHORT AUDIO OVERVIEW:



You can be serious about your work, and not about yourself.

Give people a chance and hold them accountable

I hate dysfunction.

I don't suffer fools, though I realize the fool is often me.

We are responsible for what we put out into the world.

I’m not a boxer, but I’ll stand toe-to-toe against apathy, uninspired thinking, and the status quo.
While my mantras above guide my overall philosophy of work and life, I also have several beliefs and ways of acting that I hold close to me and strive to promote through my words and actions:
  • People don’t like to be “sold to”, they like to be heard and helped.
  • People are often assumed to not care about the “why” of things, but they do care.
  • You can be skeptical without being considered negative, in fact skepticism fuels change.
  • Sometimes a cliche is quite wise, such as saying actions speak louder than words…they do.
Mr. Left Brain Meet Mr. Right Brain
If there’s one thing I get asked a lot it’s what’s my core strength and competency. Well the answer, in true dichotomy form, is two-fold. Thanks to a diverse upbringing with exposure to a wide variety of creative and analytical pursuits as a child, I have developed a fairly fluid ability to tap into both my creative ideation brain and logical reasoning brain when needed.


The other aspect of my dichotomy is that I am a forest AND trees person…meaning I see the big, long-range picture while at the same time I can burrow deep into the details of an issue to glean insights and solutions.


But being able to access those skills is only valuable if the results can be communicated clearly and in a meaningful way. I have been fortunate to be blessed with and have worked hard to cultivate those communication skills, in written, visual, and audible forms.

“What do you mean, I’m not perfect?”
It would be great if I could leave you with the idea that I am some great thinker or amazing change agent, but truth be told, I am just a guy with a set of skills and experiences that have value, but also flaws and areas of improvement I work on every day.

In the spirit of transparency and humility here are my top drawbacks:


  • I can be impatient – Sometimes I forget that the world doesn’t always move at the pace I would like and I need to take a deep breath
  • I can be OCD-ish – Sure attention to detail is a good thing, but ON OCCASSION I catch myself trying to make perfect that which good enough would suffice
  • I wear my heart on my sleeve and my opinion on my face – Though I have learned to bite my tongue, hard…as in all that is left is a stub…but it has meant better relationships
In the Dictionary Under Value-Added Is a List of My Skills
As my work experience below will show, and in keeping with my “two-brain fluidity” mentioned above, my skills encompass both creative skills and analytical business skills. Some were self-taught over the years, others a direct result of the work I was doing. All are constantly growing and evolving, and I am always seeking opportunities to learn.



Creative Skills


eLearning Authoring

Marketing Communications

Instructional Design

Usability and UX Design

Audio/Video Production

Online Content Development

Business Skills

Strategic Planning

Workplace Culture Design

Risk Consulting

Sales Management

Process Systems Analysis

Business Development

Predictive Data and Decision Matrix

Job Positions

Principal + Lead Education Designer, Instinct

Instructional Designer – Education

Operations TL – Retail

ASM Operations – Retail

Corporate Risk Adviser – B2B

Marketing Communications – Contractor

Business Process Consultant – Contractor

I May Be Land-Locked, But Boundaries Don’t Phase Me
HOMETOWN: Kansas City

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Kansas City (too good to leave)

COLLEGE: BSBA, University of Missouri

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: Risk Management, Design Thinking, Behavioral Economics


Awards and Achievements:

Eagle Scout (do not ask for pictures of me in uniform, will not happen)

Two-time National Advertising and Marketing Award Winner

Phi Eta Sigma Academic Honorary



Activities and Interests:

Self-learning Piano (ask about my 9-minute rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Kansas City Arts Supporter

United Way volunteer

GreenKC volunteer

Avid fitness trainer

Published Writer

Loyal Kansas City Sports fan

It’s Your Move Now.
While I have spent time making this site both entertaining and enlightening, the truth is nothing compares to an actual conversation.

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I look forward to it.

Robert Westfall

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